Righteous War – Lyrics
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Righteous war


1st. verse

If you really wanna know the truth

mister war maggles the word hurts from you

you sell guns and drop bombs on roofs

but you never had a strength to walk a mile on my shoes

Mothers, fathers crying

to many babies dying

take a look up in the mirror

there you will only see a dark reflection



This will be my new resolution

to stop war by my only conversation

everybody needs to stand unite

then together as one we can fight a good fight, yea

I walk tall with no hesitation

right into war

me show no fear at all

no battle lines can stop me from my course


2nd verse

my world is slowly dying

Mother Earth I hear her crying

if you listen you can hear her

there you can come to your own conclusion

late at night when the world sleeps tight

she calls to me

within my heart I hear her

when I view the sky

tears fill my eyes

her distruction carries on.